The Crework Experience 🌼

The Crework Experience 🌼

What is Crework?

Crework is an exclusive online community of learners and builders wanting to prepare the next generation to become innovators. We solve real-world problems with technology and build great products along with peers.

CREW + WORK = Working in a team to build products

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How it works!

The selection process is simple, you fill out the application form explaining why you want to join and based on your response in the application they’ll check for mainly two things ;

  1. Do you have a good understanding of stuff related to Web Development?
  2. Do you have the mindset to build a product in order to solve a problem?

After that you’ll give an interview, they’ll select 10 candidates for the closed cohort which will form two teams. (this was the case with the first batch)

The total duration of the cohort is 7 weeks, the first week is for the ideation phase in which all the members will brainstorm on problems. Finally, two problems will be assigned to two teams based on the Interests of members.

The next 6 weeks are for building a solution for the problem as planned and finally, the product is shared with the community!

My Experience!

In the first week, we brainstormed with mentors about the problems. We ended up with two problems where I decided to join the team Noted (we were calling it sasta notion, LOL😀)

Every week we had a meeting with mentors about our progress, they helped us where we needed help. We also had Informative sessions with guests and our mentors on different topics such as product building by Akash from Peerlist, product thinking by Smarth Vasdev, Low-Level Design by Manthan & Dushyant.

Those were great learning experiences. I got the new perceptive on looking at a product. Manthan & Dushyant’s sessions on LLD were very helpful in defining DB schema, and API structure also got to know the importance of OOPs for scalability & performance.

This was the first time I was working in a team, I learnt how to collaborate on projects & how to make decisions in a team. We made mistakes - improved on them with the mentor's feedback. We used Trello to keep track of tasks assigned. I’ve Made great connections with teammates, mentors & other crework members.

The experience of building, interacting, and learning was awesome. It taught me lots of things which can’t be expressed in just a few words. Now I look at every application I use, as a product. These things I feel are very important for a good developer.

Today, when I look back at the day when I took the decision to fill the application for crework, I feel that it was the best decision I took at the early stage of my career which taught me lots of things which I might have learnt later in my career.

Again I’m thankful to Ishant & all my mentors -
Sahil, Manthan, Dushyant, Aniket, Akshat, Ruchika etc for building crework.

What we've Build?

Noted : A note taking/productivity tool for taking notes while watching YouTube videos. Next article will be on our product in which I'll be explaining;

  1. What is Noted
  2. How we have built it
  3. Challenges we faced
  4. Features & Future scope

So stay tuned 🌷

I’ll highly recommend one joining crework for the experience. This was the first web dev batch. The second batch is coming soon with more interesting stuff. If you want to join crework fill out the waitlist form & follow crework on socials to stay updated.

This was my experience with crework. Let me know if you have questions/feedback. You can also connect with me on Twitter.

Thank you 😊